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Caning Supplies

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The provincial government had fixed Rs182/40kg cane rate for 2016-17 season. According to growers, farmers indeed are anticipating an increase in sugarcane rates as it is normal in peak crushing season for mills to start offering an increased rate. Growers representative argue that cane supplies may not be reaching mills but only in cases where either the mills have resorted to unjustified deductions on account of cane yields or in areas reporting lower harvest. The mills are, therefore, in competition and their sugarcane is being supplied to other sugar factories. The Sindh Chamber of Agriculture General Secretary Nabi Sathio pointed out that he himself provided sugarcane to a sugar mill in Thatta whilst he grows sugarcane in Tando Mohammad Khan district. He got Rs225/40kg inclusive of transportation charges of Rs21 per 40kg. Sathio estimates 70pc less cane production in Badin and Thatta and around 15-20pc less output in Tando Mohammad Khan. And this is prompting growers to supply cane to mills offering a rate higher than the fixed price. Until the crushing was suspended, an increase of Rs2-3 per 40kg in procurement price was being reported on a daily basis, he said. Interestingly, in upper Sindh, crushing goes on sans any complaint of deductions by mills in less yielding crop or without any controversy over sugarcane prices. These mills even offer more than the officially fixed rate to growers.

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