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"The story, not the language alone, will determine the success or failure of an ad. However, language, and in this case Spanglish, can be a great tool to elevate cultural relevancy in ads," said Rene Sanchez. "Integrating Spanglish purposefully while showing respect for both cultures and languages is key to ensure Hispanics can relate and connect to your message," he added. Findings from this study are now available as a syndicated report. For more information contact Maggie Mariscal, Culturati, at maggie.mariscal@culturatiresearch.com or 858.792.0500 Ext. 114. ABOUT CULTURATI Culturati is a full-service market research and consulting agency with cross-cultural and General Market capabilities. As a leader in the U.S. Hispanic space, Culturati is redefining how Hispanics are segmented and how acculturation is measured through its U.S. Hispanic Landscape Segmentation model. Founded in 2004, Culturati has helped many Fortune 100 companies uncover consumer and shopper insights with cultural sensitivity that inspires meaningful connections between their brands and consumers. For more information please visit www.CulturatiResearch.com . ABOUT NIELSEN Nielsen Holdings plc is a global performance management company that provides a comprehensive understanding of what consumers Watch and Buy.

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